Art and Conversation

At Pollinator, dialogue, interaction, collaboration, and play are at the heart of our community-engaged ethos. In addition to thematic exhibitions, we host artist and writer talks, discussion sessions, facilitate collaborative projects, publish small books and zines, and run an artist-in-residence program.

We are a growing community of art-minded people who pursue a justice-oriented, environmentally-aware, socially-committed, critical, and generous engagement with the contemporary world – in local, regional, national and international spheres.


Our exhibitions feature local, regional and international artists working in diverse mediums, with emerging materials, and intent on socially-minded or environmentally conscious practices.

Artist in Residence Programs

Pollinator hosts both an International and a Local Artist in Residence program for writers and visual artists. The international program is between 3 and 6 weeks long – food, accommodations, and materials included.  It offers individuals space and time to work on a specific project. The program for local artists is by invitation and offers space and time to work on a book or artist book project.

Please visit our site for more information.